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Welcome to Human Performance Consulting - UK (HPC-UK),

HPC-UK is a consulting and educational facility concerned with the effects of nutrition and physical activity on performance in sport and the development of health in life.

We have provided nutritional and training programs to individuals including International Sports competitors as well as individuals from all walks of life looking to improve the function of their body and mind.

Here's just a few of the comments that our clients are saying about us -

'...AMAZING man that put that programme together for me 2 years ago (the one that I followed and got the fittest, healthiest and skinniest I'd ever been)...' ~ Lauren Rundle, Hertfordshire

'It's easy to put on weight and seems very hard to lose it or so I thought.
I was told about the Lean for Life program by a friend and thought 'okay, I'll give it a go'.
I started the program and was amazed at how simple it was to follow and how supportive DJ was. You get a weekly update explaining what to do and all the exercises were shown by DJ on his YouTube page, and that helped a lot.
If I had any questions, even if I thought it was trivial, I just popped him an email and he replied straight away, no question was too trivial for him, he was always there to help and that made it easier to do.
I'm so glad that I was told about this program and the difference it's made both in my fitness and mentally are amazing, I see things completely differently now and know starving myself is not the way to lose weight, you can actually eat and still lose weight.
So all I can say is a huge THANK YOU.
' ~ Alexandra Carroll, Hertfordshire

'Lean for Life has changed my life. I feel great, have so much more confidence and am fitter than I have ever been. The Lean for Life program challenged everything I thought I knew about fitness and nutrition, and has given me the formula to staying fit, healthy and happy' ~ Russell Hatton, Hertfordshire

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